There are people in the world one should avoid. But how do you know how to spot them? “Evil” and “Manipulative” are concepts portrayed in fairy tales such as wolf in Red Riding Hood and  movies such as Silence of the Lambs.  We live in a safe environment generally believing that as you go through life, you will be smart enough to detect harmful and toxic personalities.   But I was so wrong.  Despite my perceived caution and life experience, I met and fell deeply in love with a Psychopath.  And the Psychopath (The Garden variety) was just that… “A Concept”.  Unknown and totally foreign to me.  No amount of schooling, tertiary education and work/career experience had prepared me to ward off a destructive relationship with a Psychopath.

Now that I know what a Psychopath is capable of,  I have learnt to build boundaries. We all need boundaries, in order to remain safe from Psychopaths and also from ALL others who surround us.

I don’t think I could ever image getting really close to someone for the purposes of self-gain or for the thrill of power and control.  We may do it to a certain extent for our careers,  but to WANT to gain power and control over another; to be able to MAKE them to react in a way that is so unlike their normal personality scope, to USE and ABUSE the kindness and privileges they give willingly … THAT “inner want to make a mockery out another person” is truly incomprehensible to a neuro-typical.      

I hope with more communication – there will be enough literature (websites and blogs) explaining what Psychopaths are all about – how they affect and can possibly destroy us.  For those of us who have let them into our hearts, we have learnt a valuable life lesson and now need to re-validate our selves.

My posts here on this site reveal My Love’s tactics and inner principles, as well as my journey through his love, inflicted pain and lies.  After years of research, I now know he is and was never capable of loving.

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